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Technecon Group Ltd.

Technecon Group Ltd. was founded in 1991 as a private trade company. Since 1992 the company deals with locking devices and luxury building hardware. At
Technecon Group Ltd. was founded in 1991 as a private trade company. Since 1992 the company deals with locking devices and luxury building hardware. At present Technecon Group is a market leader in the field of building and furniture hardware, locking devices and handles. As retailer the company has 12 brand stores covering the whole territory of the country. There are 6 of the stores in the capital city, Sofia as well as in the rest main cities - Varna, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Veliko Turnovo, Rouse and Blagoevgrad. As wholesaler Technecon Group is main supplier for most of the furniture producers, inside and armoured doors producers, hardware warehouses and stores etc. Since 1999 Technecon Group is one of the main suppliers for Metro Cash and Carry Bulgaria for DIY articles. The average monthly turnover with Metro is over DM 150 000. Technecon Group imports high quality goods and is authorized representative of a number of leading manufacturers in hardware industry from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, England, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania etc. Some of the main suppliers for Technecon Group: 1. AGB / Alban Giacomo s.p.a - Italy - locks, hinges 2. FBA / F.B.A. di Luidji e Lamberto Benini s.n.c. - Italy - handles 3. MHA - Spain - metal hardware 4. AMIG / Amilibia Y De La Iglesia, S.A. - Spain - metal hardware 5. Buy - O - Rite Corporation - Taiwan - metal hardware 6. PRODIMEX / Prodimex Group SAS - Italy - metal hardware 7. ERREBI / Stamperia Errebi srl - Italy - key blanks 8. TESA / Talleres de Escoriasa, S.A. - Spain - handles, locks 9. CISA / Costruzione Ittaliane Serrature ed Affini - Italy - locking devises 10. DOMUS / Domus Industriale s.r.l. - Italy - safes 11. BMP /Bartelli Materie Plastiche spa - Italy - gasket 12. Hoppe - Italy - handles 13. Nova Ferr - Italy - locks 14. T.M. s.r.l. - Italy - furniture hinges 15. ROLLEXCO Rt. - Italy - handles 16. FERONERIA PROD S.A.- Romania - furniture hardware 17. S.C. BINALIA S.A. – Romania - handles 18. Spur - England - uprights and brackets 19. Plano - Italy - toolboxes 20 Mobil Plastic - Italy - plastic containers 21. Kovona - Czech Republic - shelves 22. Portuleiter - Portugal - ladders The company offers articles from Bulgarian producers, too. The expanding range of goods offered by the company counts more than 3 200 articles at present. TECHNECON GROUPSHOPS The company has 4 shops in Sofia located in the central part of the city: Krasno selo quarter - 200 sq m. shop Praga Str. - 40 sq m. shop Tzar Simeon Str. - 70 sq m. shop Rakovski Str.- 150 sq m. shop The company has as well a 20 sq.m.stand in the trade center Nova Denitsa in Mladost quarter and two warehouses at total area of 780 sq.m. There are 5 more company shops in the main cities of the country: Varna - 60 sq m. shop and a warehouse at 100 sq.m. Bourgas - 30 sq.m. shop Plovdiv - a shop and warehouse at 65 sq. m. Blagoevgrad - a shop and warehouse at 40. sq. m. Veliko Tarnovo - 50 sq. m. shop Rouse - a stand in Nova Denitza trade center. PRODUCTS - Architecture and building hardware - handles, locks, hinges; cylinders, door stoppers, barrel bolts, padlocks, mechanisms for sliding doors, door closers, bolts, door viewers etc. - Special locking devices - one and many-points locks with safe key and other special systems for locking. - Furniture hardware - handles and knobs made out of brass, plastics, zinc, aluminium and manganese, wooden and combined. Also furniture hinges, roller catches, connecting fittings - Keyblanks for locks, keycutting machines. - DIY articles - metal uprights and brackets, shelves, plastic toolboxes for DIY goods, plastic boxes for DIY goods storage, ladders (for the house, garden etc.). SALES Annual growth of the Sales income ratio - 15%. Locks with safe key annual sales - 4 800 pcs. Locks with Yale key annual sales - 8 000 pcs. Cylinders sales for year 2000 - 22 000 pcs. Handles sales for year 2000 - 75 000 pcs. Hinges sales for year 2000 - 310 000 pcs. SERVISES The company has 4 service centers for Keyblanks cutting in Sofia, located in Technecon`s shops. Company Services are equipped with Italian machines for cutting all kind of keys - for house, automobile, special and safe keys. The keyblanks used are made in Italy, too.


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